Is here to help solve all your fallen stock problems. We are based in Dumfries and cover South West Scotland and Cumbria.

Dundas Chemical Company started life in 1909, collecting fallenstock from farms in Dumfries & Galloway.

In those days the trusty horse and cart were used to provide the collection service.

With a silver fox ranch being implemented in the 1940’s, the company bred silver foxes for their pelts. The fashion at that time demanded a constant supply of fur, and so Dundas became connected with the fashion world, but still retaining it’s roots firmly with the farming community.

The company went from strength to strength covering further areas and acquiring knackeries in the south west of Scotland and North of England. Our site at Mosspark grew with the implementation of batch cooking facilities. During the 1960’s we embarked on developing our site to accommodate the growth in our collection service. By this time we were collecting from Lancashire, Cumbria, Borders and of course within Dumfries & Galloway.

The next twenty years saw considerable development at the site; with the formation of sister company Oakbank Services sharing the premises. More buildings were required to accommodate more machinery, cookers and storage areas.


We dispose of all types of fallen stock using our fleet of specialized vehicles which meet the highest standards of bio-security

All of our vehicles are fitted with tracking devices meaning we can assign the nearest vehicle for your collection.


We are able to collect and dispose of any farm animal. Our licenced slaughter men are able to put down any species of farm animal in a safe and humane manner.

As a legal requirement, we keep all collection history on our secure systems. This allows us to send you your summary of collections in case you are audited.


The death of a horse or pony can be a distressing time for everyone involved. We offer a removal service where your animal will get treated with respect and dignity deserved.

Where required, euthanasia can be provided by a vet, or alternatively our trained staff will be able to humanely destroy the animal at no extra cost.


We supply wheelie bins which our designated collection vehicles exchange on a daily/weekly basis.

We work on an exchange basis ensuring a clean, fresh in is left after each collection, eliminating any unwanted odours or vermin. Bins are available in a variety of different sizes, to suit the space available to you.

Please note: All collection information is kept 100% confidential. We are a registered and approved collector for the Nation Fallen Stock Company  and the
Licensed Animal Slaughterers & Salvage Association.


The quickest way to book a collection is to phone our call centre on 01387 252887. Our opening hours are 8:00am -5:00pm Monday-Friday and 8:00am -12:00pm Saturday.

Should you need to contact us out of hours, we can be contacted by email or you can leave an voicemail message stating the following:

Please leave your full CPH holding number.

> If you are a new customer, please leave your contact details so one of our office team can call you back to set you up on our system
> What you have to collect, and if it is dead or alive
> If the animal is bovine, please leave its date of birth and ear tag number
> Any specific job requirements.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit and debit cards for payment.