About Us.

Dundas Chemical Company started life in 1909, collecting fallenstock from farms in Dumfries & Galloway. In those days the trusty horse and cart were used to provide the collection service.

With a silver fox ranch being implemented in the 1940's, the company bred silver foxes for their pelts. The fashion at that time demanded a constant supply of fur, and so Dundas became connected with the fashion world, but still retaining it's roots firmly with the farming community.

The company went from strength to strength covering further areas and acquiring knackeries in the south west of Scotland and North of England. Our site at Mosspark grew with the implementation of batch cooking facilities

During the 1960's we embarked on developing our site to accommodate the growth in our collection service. By this time we were collecting from Lancashire, Cumbria, Borders and of course within Dumfries & Galloway.

The next twenty years saw considerable development at the site; with the formation of sister company Oakbank Services sharing the premises. More buildings were required to accommodate more machinery, cookers and storage areas.


Mosspark in 1960

Mosspark in the 1960's

Mosspark in 1980

Mosspark in the 1980's

Mosspark Today

Mosspark Today

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